Denver Nuggets Unhappy With Mascot Rocky Attending GOP Event

The great Rocky finds himself in some hot water with his employers.

The Denver Nuggets, who like to remain apolitical, didn’t like finding out that their longtime mascot was (somewhat inexplicably) at the Colorado Republican rally Monday.

Per the Denver Post:

Nuggets marketing manager Graham Wincott, who handles Rocky and his appearances, said the team’s mascot showing up at the GOP event was “an unsanctioned, unpaid appearance that we had no knowledge of.”


“As a sports team, we want to be apolitical,” Wincott said. “Two things we never touch on are politics and religion.” […] The Nuggets’ mascot was bouncing around at the Colorado Republican Party rally Monday at Heritage High School. Top players on the Colorado GOP ticket were at the event, which included 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


Wincott said the matter was being handled “internally” but the organization is setting “new protocol for anyone who wears a mascot uniform for a Kroenke sports team.” […] Ken Solomon has played Rocky for more than 20 years. As Rocky, he posed for pictures Monday and danced on stage with various GOP volunteers at the event before the political speeches began.