Derek Fisher Says the Knicks Can Win 63 Games Next Season

by April 10, 2015

There’s very little cause for optimism in Knickerbocker-land, but that won’t stop the braintrust from relentlessly pushing a crazy narrative onto a disbelieving and depressed fanbase.

First-year head coach Derek Fisher has only managed 15 wins so far this season, but next year—it’s always next year, Knicks fans—he claims that the team could pull off 63 victories.

Fisher says for the incredible turnaround to manifest itself, the Knicks simply have to put their minds to it.

Per the NY Post:

Teams have turned around quickly. A good example, although not a 63-victory example, are the Bucks, who visit the Garden on Friday. A 15-67 disaster last season, the Bucks are currently the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference. Could the Knicks do that next season?


“I guess that’s possible but we are not here trying to squeeze in, we are not here trying to go from 15 to 36. That’s just not who we are,” Fisher said. “So it can turn around quickly. It will turn around quickly. But we don’t really have to put a number on it. […] We are 6-21 in games [decided] by six points or less this year. So we lost 21 games on two possessions. So we don’t have go from 15 to 36 next year. We can go from 15 to 63 if we really want to. But that is up to us.”


The Knicks for next season will have a top-four draft pick, about $26 million to spend on free agents and a healthy Carmelo Anthony. Until the starting gun goes off again, the playoffs are for viewing, not participating, for the Knicks. When he played, after elimination, Fisher wanted to watch others compete as much as he wanted to chew aluminum foil. […] “It’s difficult to watch,” Fisher said. “You hate everybody.”