Deron Williams Enjoyed Getting Revenge on Jeremy Lin

You might recall that Linsanity officially began against Deron Williams and the New Jersey Nets. Williams bottled up his anger about what occured the last time he faced Jeremy Lin, and got his payback last night at Madison Square Garden (scoring 38 points in a 100-92 Nets win.) From the NY Daily News: “Deron Williams sat at his locker, as ecstatic as he’s ever been since he was reluctantly traded to the Nets a year prior, and reeled off the reasons Monday night was special: He wanted another crack at Jeremy Lin, he wanted to attack a smaller point guard, and he wanted to avenge the night he helped create Linsanity. Williams read on Twitter about how he ‘got destroyed’ by Lin in their previous matchup on Feb. 4, when the Knicks point guard broke through at his expense. ‘So when somebody says they destroyed you, and you watch the tape and you don’t feel like you got destroyed, you circle those types of games,’ Williams said. […] Williams added, ‘I don’t really watch SportsCenter, I don’t really watch too many games, but I do see Twitter. And every three lines was, ‘Jeremy Lin destroys Deron Williams’ in the first game. And like I said, I had it circled.'”