Deron Williams on Jeremy Lin: ‘What Phenomenon?’

by February 15, 2012

Careful, D-Will. Things didn’t turn out so well for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers when he tried to downplay the magic of Linsanity. From the NY Daily News: “Why would we get excited about the Knicks? We’re 8-21, I’m worried about us, not what Jeremy Lin’s doing,’ he said. Williams — a father of four — said he doesn’t watch television, not since giving it up while playing overseas in Turkey. So he playfully pleaded ignorance when asked about Lin, even though the sensation started after the Knicks point guard scored 25 points against Williams. ‘What phenomenon?’ Williams asked. Finally, after the fifth question about Lin, he cut off the subject. ‘Ya’ll got anything about tonight? Anything that’s relevant with us?'”