Deron Williams Says Nets-Knicks is ‘Not a Rivalry Yet, But It’s Forming’

by June 16, 2013

Players on both the Nets and Knicks have downplayed the rivalry between the two, but the few games the pair of squads have played against one another brought about an undeniable energy amongst fans—both those in the arenas and those watching at home. Brooklyn guard Deron Williams admitted to ESPNNewYork that a true rivalry is slowly budding: “Deron Williams and his Nets teammates were not very truthful with the media last season regarding their rivalry with the Knicks. It was a bigger deal than they made it out to be — and D-Will knows looking ahead to next season, it will only grow. ‘When the reporters are asking us, ‘Is it a big deal?’, I think we all kind of shrug it off,’ he said during a Nike House of Hoops event in Brooklyn. ‘But you can tell, the energy from those four games this season were probably more intense than any other four games we played in. Even when we won or when the Knicks won, the way they celebrated wasn’t how you would celebrate after a normal win. It definitely means much more. It’s not really a rivalry yet, but I think it’s forming, and as we get better and as the Knicks get better, I think it’ll be a rivalry for years to come.'”