Deron Williams Takes on Floyd Landis

DWill actually beat Landis in a 2.2-mile race, but with one rather large caveat: “The first leg’s simple ground rules: Williams gets a one-minute head start on a 2.2-mile course. […] By the end, with the crowd ringing cowbells and cheering loudly, Landis was right on Williams’ back wheel. He made up the one minute, but Williams crossed the finish line first. Which was great … until Williams had to stop. When he did, he fell over again. ‘My legs are Jell-O,’ he said. ‘I was just trying to win,’ he added. Meanwhile, Williams, now beaming with confidence, sent a tweet to Shaquille O’Neal, challenging him to a race. ‘It’s all fun,’ he said. ‘… I feel like I just rode 100 miles.'”