Deron Williams Wants Sunday Home Games

by April 12, 2010

The Utah Jazz famously never schedule any home games on Sundays, a decision which D-Will tells the Salt Lake Tribune he’s not in favor of: “In his latest set of mailbag answers on the team’s Web site, chief executive Greg Miller strongly suggested that the Jazz’s commitment to not scheduling Sunday home games out of respect for the area’s LDS Church leanings isn’t about to change. ‘It is a business decision to not play home games on Sunday,” Miller wrote. “We believe it would be very difficult to draw 19,911 fans to EnergySolutions Arena for a regular-season Sunday game, based on past experiences we have had with Sunday home games during the NBA playoffs. About the only way it would work was if the opponent were the Lakers, LeBron [James], or the Celtics. The Salt Lake Bees play between 10 to 12 Sunday home games each season, and our experience there has shown that Sunday attendance is about 50 percent less than other days of the week. Sundays are also slow for our Megaplex Theatres.’ Deron Williams , however, has been vocal that not playing Sunday home games puts the Jazz at a competitive disadvantage, forcing them to play a compressed schedule the other days of the week. Asked if he’d like to see the Jazz play at home on Sundays, Williams said: “Of course, I do. It would make our schedule a lot easier.’ Williams described the Jazz as feeling as if they must play ‘every day of the week some months. It’s pretty bad.”‘