Derrick Rose Advises Russell Westbrook Not to Rush Return

Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose knows all about taking your time to fully recover from knee surgery — he wants Russell Westbrook (who’s slowly making his way back) to adopt the same cautious approach. Per ESPN: “Take his time,’ Rose said after Wednesday night’s win over the Thunder when asked what advice he might give Westbrook. ‘He’s the only one that knows his body. There’s no need to force anything. And attack every day of rehab like it’s your last day. Get everything you [can] get out of it every day.’ Rose took a lot of criticism for his decision not to come back and play for the Bulls last season despite being cleared by team doctors for several months. While Westbrook doesn’t have the same injury (torn meniscus), Rose is confident that the speedy guard can come back and be as dominant as ever — just as Rose has done over the first few weeks of the preseason. ‘For sure,’ Rose said. ‘He has that type of will. His frame, his body, I think [the rehab] is just going to help him become a better player.’ […] ‘I really haven’t had time to see Westbrook,’ Rose said. ‘When I was working out in L.A. it was [Kevin Durant] and [Kevin] Love that I was working out with every day, and [Westbrook] he was coming in town, but I think they were only limiting him to shoot like 100 shots at that time, so I think he was doing that with the team.'”