Derrick Rose Explains Belief That He’s the Best Player in the NBA

by September 27, 2013

Chicago Bulls superstar point guard Derrick Rose made a few waves this summer when he stated that he’s the NBA’s top dog. Rose recently broke down the thinking that inspires such self-confidence in a chat with MTV: “Do you think you have more to prove this season than you have in seasons past? ‘Not at all. My job is to go out there and play the same way. I could care less what people say about me. Play aggressive and help put my team in the best situation to win.’ You’re coming off an injury, but you’ve also bulked up. Are you expecting the same number of drives to the hoop? ‘I’m really trying to have a game where you pick your poison. If you let me shoot, I’m going to shoot. If your hands are down, I’m definitely going to shoot. Or, if you play me a certain way, I’m going to get to the lane or get to the hole and shoot my floater.’ How would you define a successful season for the Chicago Bulls? ‘I mean, a championship, that’s everyone’s goal. But I think for us, coming together as quickly as possible as a team.’ […] Do you consider yourself the best player in the league? ‘I believe so. I believe if you’re any franchise player, any pro athlete and you don’t believe you’re the best player in the league, the owner should fire you or you should retire. You should have that confidence that you’re the best — or you want to be the best — or you shouldn’t be playing that sport or doing what you’re doing.'”