Derrick Rose Fine With Underdog Status vs Miami Heat

by May 13, 2011

Most are picking the Heat to beat the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals, to which Derrick Rose and his teammates say bring it on. has the quotes: “Predictably, Bulls players demurred, talking about themselves as a team. Rose said he thought his teammates were ‘damned good.’ ‘We’ve done it as a team all season,’ said [Carlos] Boozer. ‘We’re not a one man show, though our man is pretty good. We have an unsung hero in Luol Deng who’s played great D all series, all season, who makes big shots down the stretch of games. We rely on everybody. Not one or two guys (Miami reference?). It’s everybody, a great coach who puts us in the right position to be successful and we play together out there.’ That was the difference alluded to by Bulls players after Thursday’s Eastern Conference semifinals clincher. Yes, Miami has the stars. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are nonpareil. No one questions that. The Heat is renowned for its defense because of the closing speed which James and Wade can play at. And they will be favored, which suited Rose fine. ‘It’s going to be a great matchup. It’s going to be fun,’ Rose said. ‘We’re fine with being the underdog, if we are.'”