Derrick Rose: ‘I Get All My Points Off Random Baskets’

by February 23, 2017

Derrick Rose is on the trading block in New York, and the Knicks’ point guard isn’t exactly thrilled with his role in the team’s offense.

Rose says the Knicks play “random basketball”, which is a perfect description of their ongoing woes.

Rose is prepared in the event of a swap, perhaps with Minnesota where he’d join forces with ex-coach Tom Thibodeau.

Per the NY Post:

“I’d drive myself crazy if I was to try to keep in touch with [my agent] or keep tabs of what’s going on,” Rose said Thursday. “I’m prepared what the decision is. It’s a business. I’m just waiting to see what they’re going to do and decision they’ll make.”


“It’s a different offense,” Rose said Thursday morning. “As a point guard, you’re always in the corner and just got to play off reads and play that way. It’s new for everybody here. I get all my points off random baskets. Unless you see it go to the post, all the other stuff is just random basketball.”


“Great coach – I haven’t had the time to think about the opportunity to play there,” Rose said about Thibodeau. “I’m here. We have a game today. He was a great guy, great coach. Learned a lot from him and won a lot when we were together.”

Derrick Rose: Knicks’ Triangle Offense is Complicated