Derrick Rose Has Two Stomach Ulcers

by January 27, 2011

DRose hasn’t been able to practice lately, and is in danger of missing games due to what sounds like a painful ailment. Stay away from that spicy food, Derrick. ESPN has the details: “The 22-year-old Rose spent Wednesday at Rush University Medical Center for a procedure while he was under anesthesia. ‘They put this camera down my throat,’ Rose said. “It was hard. I was in the hospital the whole day.’ Rose thought he had only heartburn early in the week, but his discomfort did not subside. ‘I’m feeling all right,’ he said. ‘[There’s] still pain … it’s real painful for me to eat, drink, swallow, all that stuff, but they gave me some medication for it, and that’s what I’m taking right now. I had heartburn, they gave me some pills … thinking that it was going to go away but it didn’t. And that’s when it really got bad where I couldn’t sleep good at night. And I thought I was having a heart attack, and that’s when I called [athletic trainer] Fred [Tedeschi].’ Rose, who also missed practice Wednesday, hopes to play Friday when the Bulls host the Orlando Magic. ‘I haven’t really been able to eat anything so my energy is kind of low, but every day it should be all right,’ he said. ‘I guess I’ve been eating too much spicy food or something like that, because I love spicy food. But other than that I think I’ve been eating well, besides the spicy food.'”