Derrick Rose: Knicks’ Triangle Offense is Complicated

by September 29, 2016

New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose is having a bit of trouble picking up the nuances of the Triangle Offense, and team president Phil Jackson was less than impressed while watching the squad practice his baby.

Rose says that the offensive attack is “complicated” and “foreign”, but thinks the Knicks will eventually figure it out.

The former MVP, who hails from Chicago, is in awe of the Zen Master and was surprised by his surliness.

Per the NY Daily News:

The point guard said Thursday he had no previous knowledge of Phil Jackson’s offense except for the little experience playing the Lakers. And when the Knicks began their in-depth triangle teaching at the second session of Wednesday’s training camp, Rose discovered, “there’s like 40 to 50 options on one side of the floor. […] “It’s complicated a little bit right now because it’s new to us. It’s foreign,” Rose said. “But I think the more we work on it and the way the coaches are putting it into the offense, it’s a little bit easier.”


Rose said he has not yet had a conversation with Jackson about the triangle and, “I don’t want to bug him about it.” With Jeff Hornacek taking control, Jackson’s input during training camp has been limited while his offense is installed.[…] “(He spoke to us) a few times. He got mad at us one time because we were running the offense and we didn’t throw the ball into the post,” Rose said. “He came over, kind of grumpy a little bit. That was my first time ever seeing him like that.”


Rose, who grew up in Chicago and views Jackson as “a legend,” said tips on the triangle from his agent BJ Armstrong could only be so helpful. […] “Me and BJ are two different players. He was a shooter. Like I’ll knock down shots but my game is playmaking and I just hoop,” Rose said. “Like I’ll find a way to get it done. So BJ’s job was just to give Mike (Jordan) the ball and get out the way. I didn’t want to say it like that but that was his job. He tells me about (the triangle). He told me they had the personnel for it back when they played and I feel like we have the same personnel.”

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