Derrick Rose Likes Chicago’s Chances in Free Agency

by March 02, 2010

Rose tells ESPN Radio that Chicago is the place to be for top free agents: “Everybody wants to know A. if you recruited any of the free agents while you were down at the All-Star game and B. what are the chances that one of the top three guys come here next year, either Wade, LeBron or Bosh? ‘No I couldn’t go after them like that.  I told them Chicago is a great place, if they wanna come we’ll be more than happy to take them.  It’s huge if one of them comes here.  One of the three, either Lebron, Wade or Bosh, one of them comes here.’ Do you believe that you have a real chance to get one of them? ‘Definitely, we definitely have a real good chance to get them.  Chicago marketing is unbelievable and I don’t see any one of the three passing Chicago up if they can come here.”‘