Derrick Rose Offered to Pay for Funeral of Murdered 6-Month Old Baby

by March 14, 2013

Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose continues to be involved with efforts to curb the raging violence in his city. Sometimes, all one can do is cut a check for a grieving family. Rose has offered to pay for the funeral of a recently-murdered baby. Per ABC: “As police search for the killer of 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins, outrage over her death spreads, and the outpouring of grief includes a gesture by the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose. Rose has offered to help pay for Jonylah’s funeral expenses. Others have come forward to donate money to a reward fund to help find the killer. Tuesday night, that reward fund stood at $11,000. With Jonylah’s mother looking on, dozens of people, many who have no connection to the family, added to the growing memorial near 65th Street and Maryland Tuesday night. It’s next to the place where a gunman shot the 6-month-old five times as her father changed her diaper in the car. They are outraged and want the killer behind bars. ‘These persons who committed this horrible crime, we guarantee you they will be brought to justice,’ said family spokesperson Corey Brooks. […] Police have some leads, including security camera video of the blue van in which the gunman left the scene. They say they believe the shooting was gang related. The gunman, Chicago police said, was after Jonylah’s father, Jonathan Watkins, who has an extensive criminal record and remains hospitalized from the shooting.”