Derrick Rose Reportedly Strongly Considered Returning But Won’t

by May 13, 2013

It seems like a foregone conclusion now that Derrick Rose won’t be suiting up at all this season, but according to CSN Chicago, the Chicago Bulls’ superstar point guard strongly thought about playing in the series against the Miami Heat, before deciding against it: “Rose’s torn knee ligament was repaired last May 12, which was a year ago Sunday. Despite erroneous reports that he was set to dress for Game 3, according to a person with knowledge of the situation, the former league MVP won’t return to the court in the series, something Thibodeau is aware of. However, at the outset of the second round, Rose did strongly consider coming back, but ultimately decided against it, another source said. While Rose’s absence looms over the series in the minds of fans and the media, Thibodeau said that not only did the Bulls anticipate the frenzy, but insists that it hasn’t affected the team. ‘That’s the way we approached it from the beginning of the year. I think from the outside, we knew it would be a big story. But from the inside, the way we view it is, we knew from the beginning of the season that there was a good chance that he would miss a big chunk of the season and the possibility of him missing the entire season,’ he explained. ‘He knew that from the beginning and the way we approached it — and it hasn’t changed one bit from the beginning — is the players that are available, concentrate on your daily improvement and the next improvement that we’re playing, get ready for the game. Let Derrick handle his rehab and then, hopefully at some point — whether it’s next week, next year — he’ll rejoin us. But for the guys who are here, we’ve got to get it done with what we have, and we have more than enough to win.'”