Derrick Rose Responds to Sexual Assault Allegations

by September 30, 2015

More unseemly and bizarre details have emerged from the legal battle between Derrick Rose and an unidentified accuser.

The woman in question alleges that she was sexually assaulted by Rose and a group of his friends, which Rose has repeatedly denied.

According to the former NBA MVP, this whole fight began after he refused to pay for a sex toy.

Per TMZ:

Rose has now filed docs of his own in which he claims the accuser “consented to sexual interaction with more than one co-defendant on more than one occasion, consented to sexual interactions on the day in question, and invited the defendants to her apartment and buzzed them in.”


Rose says things were so cool the following day — the accuser casually had a cup of coffee with her roommate in the morning after the sex … and headed into work for a full shift. The implication is that a rape victim would have been way too distraught to have done any of that.


In the docs, Rose says the woman only began to get upset with him a few weeks or months later because she felt she should have been reimbursed for one of the sex toys she bought and used during the night in question.