‘Derrick Rose Rule’ to Benefit Young NBA Superstars

One of the key victories for the players’ side in the NBA lockout is the so-called Derrick Rose Rule, where younger players can demand more money from their teams based on performance. From the NY Times: “Derrick Rose rule: Young superstars (those with less than six years of experience) negotiating a so-called ‘max’ contract may now be eligible to earn 30 percent of the salary cap, instead of 25 percent. To gain that right, a player must earn All-N.B.A. honors (first, second or third team) twice or be voted an All-Star Game starter twice or be named most valuable player. Rose, who was named the 2010-11 M.V.P. as a third-year player for the Bulls, will be among the first to take advantage of the new rule. Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant may be eligible because the extension he signed in 2010 has not yet taken effect. Under N.B.A. rules, a max contract is tied to league formulas, not a specific dollar amount. Durant could ask the Thunder for the extra 5 percent once the league reopens for business.”