Derrick Rose Says He Will Never Recruit Other Superstars

Chicago Bulls superstar point guard Derrick Rose is a deeply proud, stubborn fella. Though it’s obvious that he needs another star or two by his side to win an NBA title, Rose insists that he’ll never reach out to his rivals around the L for help. Per the Chicago Sun-Times: “It’s a stance Rose always has maintained, and one that could be a detriment to the Bulls building an elite team. ‘I don’t think so,’ Rose said when asked if he would start looking for help from another superstar to lighten his load. I don’t think I will ever recruit. If you’re a hooper and you know as a basketball player if you can play with someone, I don’t think it’s a problem with just coming to a team. . . . I’ll play with anyone. And I think I can play with anyone. But I’ll never recruit.’ […] Rose finally admitted why he refuses to play pickup basketball in the summer, even with all the time he has lost with his knee problems. ‘I never play in the offseason, and I think I never will,’ Rose said. ‘I just don’t like people looking at my game. I think that’s when you see players’ tendencies, and I don’t want anyone to see my tendencies, so that’s why I don’t ever play pickup.'”