Derrick Rose Shrugs Off Top-30 Ranking

by October 27, 2014

Given his absence from the NBA’s courts the last two years, fans and media aren’t too sure what to think of Derrick Rose’s standing among the game’s greats going into this season.

We cautiously ranked him 12th overall, but some other outlets claimed that Rose was “just” a top-30 player in the L.

The former MVP says he’s not sweating these arbitrary rankings, and sounds excited about the Chicago Bulls’ chances this season.

Per CSN Chicago:

“I hear about the rankings here and there, but I know where I’m at with my game and the league,” Rose said. “I know I’m not a top 30 player, I know I’m much higher. Everybody has their own opinion, and I can’t get mad that their voicing their opinion through a magazine or through a ranking. I can’t get mad at it.”


“I think the game is slowing down for me,” Rose admitted. “This is my seventh year. I watched a lot of basketball, watched a lot of film on basketball and just the NBA game. I feel like I can really control the entire game while I’m out there, and that’s what I’m working towards.”


“We know offensively that we’re gonna be fine because we can really score the ball,” Rose said. “But defensively that’s going to be a challenge for us because you have guys coming in trying to learn the strategy and sometimes it takes a while to happen. We just have to grind through it, and know that it’s not going to be smooth right away. It’s gonna be some bumps, but we’re very excited, and we know that we have a great team.”