Derrick Rose Starting to ‘Jump a Little’ and Shoot During Rehab

Derrick Rose faced the media today as adidas announced the upcoming launch of his new kicks and apparel line – Rose became quite emotional at one point during the promotional affair – and let the world know that his rehab is going well, and that he has begun to jump and shoot the basketball. From the Chicago Tribune: “Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose said Thursday he started jumping ‘a couple days ago’ and that rehabilitation from his surgically repaired left knee is going well. ‘Recovery has been good,’ Rose said. ‘I’m rehabbing five times a week. On Tuesday and Thursday, we do lower and upper body and bike workouts. I’m starting to shoot now. I’m starting to jump a little a little while ago, like a couple days ago. I’m seeing improvement every week. My leg does get sore sometimes. But I’m able to fight through it. My trainers who are working on me are making sure I’m doing a great job telling them what’s going on so they can treat me right.’ Rose tore his anterior cruciate ligament during Game 1 of the Bulls’ first-round series against the Philadelphia 76ers on April 28. He underwent surgery on May 12. Team physician Brian Cole, who performed the surgery, said Rose would be sidelined eight to 12 months. ‘I’m working on my core,’ Rose said. ‘This is the only time in my life where I worked on my core as much as I do now. Sit-ups, so many exercises that I do just to get my core together. That’s a huge part of getting back. Basketball players don’t usually have to work on our core like that because we work on our hips and legs. But I’ve been working with my trainers and they’re making sure I’m on top of that and that my upper body is strong.’ […] ‘My only goal is to win a championship,’ he said. ‘Hopefully, it’s soon. I’m going to put my heart into whatever I do on and off the court. The team that we have now, we have a good shot. The players that we had come in. we have a good chance. It just didn’t work out. We’ve had new guys come in. The players that we lost, I’m definitely going to miss them. It’s a business first and you’re not going to have the same people every year. The players that we have and the coaches that we have, we’re just going to have to make do and go out and try to win a championship.’”