Derrick Rose Took Kobe Bryant’s Advice to Develop a Post Game

by December 05, 2011

DRose took Bean’s advice to heart, and worked hard to develop a post game this offseason/lockout. From the Chicago Tribune: “Last December, weeks after he had pulled Derrick Rose aside for an embrace and encouraging words following a Bulls-Lakers matchup in Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant was asked if the gesture represented a passing of the torch. ‘I ain’t passing (expletive),’ Bryant famously said. Rose, of course, loved this comment, telling the Tribune: ‘I look at myself like an old-school player. Back in the day, players really went at each other. His mentality is great.’ Come Christmas Day, Bryant again will show Rose respect by trying not only to win the season opener for both teams but to crush Rose’s spirit. Rose will return the favor. It’s what assassins do, those unique players driven to win at all costs. Bryant always has recognized this dynamic in Rose, which is why he pulled the 23-year-old aside at last July’s exhibition in the Philippines and offered him more pointers. Improve your post game. Find the areas on the floor where double-teaming is more difficult. Seek championships. Rose took Bryant’s advice to heart — and to the court. ‘I worked on my post-up game, my isolation game, working at the elbows, trying to get fouled and get into the lane and put pressure on the defense,’ Rose said. ‘I’m trying to do better than last year. That was a good season, but it’s last year. Only a championship will do.’”