Derrick Rose Would Destroy Anyone on the Court Even His Mom

by October 03, 2013

Poor Brenda Rose. If she ever made the mistake of stepping on the court against her son, Derrick says there would be no mercy. Per the Daily Herald: “The latest revelation shared by Derrick Rose is that he would run over his own mother to get to the hoop. This came about when Rose was asked Wednesday if he’s anxious for Saturday’s preseason opener at Indiana, since it will be his first actual game since suffering a torn ACL, not just a training camp scrimmage. ‘I’m a guy where whoever’s on the court, I’m going to go at them,’ Rose answered. ‘If it’s my teammates … it could be my mom on the court. She’s going to get killed. I’m just trying to build that mentality where I don’t care who’s out there. I’m going to play the same way.'”