Derrick Williams Thinks He Can Replace LeBron in Cleveland

by May 19, 2011

Unlike Kyrie Irving, Derrick Williams has no problem declaring himself as the potential savior for the Cleveland Cavaliers. From Arizona Sports: “Arizona Wildcat forward Derrick Williams isn’t lacking confidence. As a matter of fact, it appears he has an overabundance of it. In a statement after finding out Tuesday night that the Cleveland Cavaliers would have the first pick in the NBA Draft, Williams shared why he’d be the best option with the first pick. ‘I think I’m the No. 1 pick because I have more star quality I would think,’ the small forward said. ‘I’m just a bigger person. Just trying to fill in for a big star like LeBron like they’re missing. That missing piece. I think that’s me.’ Living in Arizona we all got a chance to see Williams play at the University of Arizona but no one once thought ‘that guy is the next LeBron James’ (that is anyone that wasn’t a complete UA homer). No one can deny his athleticism and his basketball ability but to say he can fill the void left in Cleveland by LeBron’s departure seems like a bit of a stretch. Should he be considered as the No. 1 pick in the draft? Certainly. Should he be viewed as a replacement for LeBron James? Definitely not.”