Devin Ebanks Jordan Brand Classic Diary Day 2

by April 18, 2008

Last year we set the internet on fire with our Jordan Brand Classic game week diary, which was delivered by Patrick Patterson, who spent the week debating what college to attend. We’re going in a similar direction this year, as Indiana signee Devin Ebanks, who is now free to go somewhere else after Kelvin Sampson was let go, takes his time making his own decision. We featured Devin in the Punks section of SLAM two issues ago, but Devin has a lot more to say (and not just about the college choice, though most of these new commenters have a one-track mind). Read below and then check back later for a third entry from the young man, and be sure to watch or attend the game, which you can learn more about at

As told to Konate Primus

Today I’m going to give you guys a li’l recap of what me and the fellas have been up to on this trip so far.

Woke up Thursday morning, had some breakfast, and then we had a li’l meeting just to meet all the Jordan Brand people that are taking care of everything for us this weekend. Directly following that we went to practice, and I had a lot of fun playing with my teammates. The level of competitiveness and talent is incredible. We ran some 3-man weave drills and hit the weights kind of light—a couple of sets nothing major. We ran a scrimmage and everybody was just happy to be playing ball, so that was fun. After practice we hit the showers and talked to the media. I spoke to about 100 people today but’s its all good [smiling.] Of course, they all asked the same questions: “So Devin, uh, where are you going to school?” and “are you still undecided?”. And I gave all of them the same answer: “I am still undecided.” I need to visit a couple more schools first and check out campus life for myself. I was at West Virginia last week, next week I have Rutgers and then Memphis. So we’ll see what happens.

Later on in the evening we had the Boost Mobile Jam session. Dunk contest, the point guard obstacle course for the fans, I cant remember what its called but you know what I’m talking about, and a game of around the world with Styles P, Jadakiss, DJ Clue? and Emily King. I didn’t participate in the around the would but I tried to give the crowd a li’l something in the dunk contest but that didn’t really work out as planned. I lost in the first round but hey its all in good fun, I enjoyed it a lot. Big shout out to my man Iman [Shumpert]—he did like a crazy 360 dunk, it was sick!

I’m looking forward to the game at the Garden tomorrow night. My mom will be there; she couldn’t make it to the jam session because she had to work but she’ll definitely be at the Garden. And all my folks from L.I.C should be in the building and they get to see me play. It’s definitely going to be live in there so I can’t wait.

Today we’re going to be kicking it with some li’l kids at P.S. 307 which should be cool. Later that day we have a scrimmage and an award dinner so I should have some cool stuff to tell y’all about.

Until next time… Peace!