Devin Ebanks to Re-Sign With Lakers for 1-Year, $1.4 Million

Forward Devin Ebanks will stick with the Lakers for at least one more season (at $1.4 million), as the two sides reportedly reached an agreement. Per the LA Times: “Ebanks, who will turn 23 in late October, has impressed the Lakers the past two seasons with his unassuming work ethic, length and athleticism. For the Lakers, this move keeps some needed youth on an otherwise veteran-laden team. For Ebanks, it gives him another season to convince the Lakers that he should be in their long-term future. Most signings can’t become official until the free-agent moratorium ends on Wednesday. But Ebanks’ case is different since it involves a qualifying offer. ‘This makes the most sense for him,’ Ebanks’ agent, David Bauman said. ‘This isn’t a financial decision as [much as] a career decision.’ Bauman ideally hoped to sign Ebanks to a multiyear deal for either two or three years. He also said a ‘handful’ of other teams expressed interest in Ebanks, but never provided an offer sheet.”