Dion Waiters on Bradley Beal’s Best Backcourt Claim: ‘That’s Nonsense’

When told Tuesday of Bradley Beal’s boast that the Washington Wizards have the NBA’s premier backcourt combo, Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Dion Waiters completely pooh-poohed the suggestion.

Waiters and All-Star teammate Kyrie Irving have had trouble working together the last couple of seasons, but LeBron James says that will no longer will be an issue.

LeBron is advising Waiters to only concern himself with what he can control.

Per ESPN and the Akron Beacon Journal:

“Every team there’s a guy they want to kind of place the blame on. It would be Dion on our team,” James said. “I told him, ‘You can’t get involved in that or what people say about you. It’s not what people think of you it’s what you think of yourself.’


“The only way to rewrite the notion of, ‘Can Dion fit in this?’ is to play the right way and dominate his opposition every single night. That’s all he should worry about.”


James has heard the same “Can Kyrie and Dion co-exist?” questions everyone has been asking since the Cavs selected Waiters fourth overall in 2012. James believes they can. […] “You’ve got two guys who love to play the game of basketball,” James said. “They’re gym rats and they love to compete. It’s not hard for them to mesh.”