Dion Waiters Denies Being Out of Shape

Dion Waiters fired back at those who speculate that he’s out of shape, a storyline that emerged from a team photo when the Miami Heat were in Mexico City to take on the Brooklyn Nets.

Waiters, 26, says he’s in the best shape of his life.

Dion made conditioning a priority in South Beach, earning a four-year, $52 million deal to remain with the Heat last summer.

Per the Miami Herald:

“I think Pat Riley would have said something to me by now,” Waiters answered when asked if he’s gained weight. “I had two layers [on when we took the team photo]. I had this [Heat team t-shirt] on with a warmup and a t-shirt underneath. I’ve got 6 percent body fat. I’m 219 [pounds]. Last year I was 225, 223, playing the way I was playing. I’m lighter [now].


“You know, if I was [fatter] there would be a bunch of red flags everywhere, right? I ain’t got to post no pictures on Instagram to prove it to nobody. I’m in the best shape of my life. [The critics] don’t say [anything] when I’m dunking on mother [expletives] and things like that, right?”


His weight, Waiters insists, though, has nothing to do with his early season struggles.


“This is the lightest I’ve been,” Waiters said. “I feel great. That picture, sometimes the camera can play tricks with you. That’s why everyday I don’t step on that scale. You’re not supposed to. One day it might say 219. The next it might say 222. In all honesty, right before we hit the road to go on this little trip, I weighed myself. I was 219, six percent body fat.”

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