Dirk Nowitzki Not Going Anywhere

by June 18, 2014

Free agency doesn’t officially begin for about two weeks, but a big name can be crossed off of any FA wish lists: Dirk Nowitzki. There will be no recruiting calls from opposing players, no visits with other coaches and owners. From DallasNews.com:

We’ll get together here pretty quick. Cubes knows I don’t want to go anywhere and he doesn’t want me to go anywhere. We’re guessing that will be over pretty quick and then we can focus on making this franchise even better. I got hit up on Twitter left and right (after the report the Rockets would make a run at Dirk). I was like, ‘what just happened?’ I didn’t say anything about the Rockets. The chances of that happening are slim to none. We all know that Cuban took care of me for a long team. This deal is not going to be about squeezing out the last dollar. We’ll just have to wait and see what the years and the final number is, but I’m sure it will be respectable for both sides.