Dirk Nowitzki Hopes ‘Things Will Work Out’ Between Nerlens Noel, Mavs

by August 04, 2017
dirk nowitzki nerlens noel

As contract negotiations between the Mavericks and Nerlens Noel drag late into the offseason, Dirk Nowitzki says that he hopes two sides can come to an agreement.

Dirk added that he looks forward to Noel being part of some athletic lineups—”when I’m out of the game.”

Via the Dallas Morning News:

“We’re looking forward to the future and the whole Noel situation is a little unfortunate I think,” Nowitzki said.


“We traded for him to keep him for the long run. I’m not sure what the latest is there, but I’m hoping that things will work out and he’s coming back to the Mavs and we’d have a crew that at times can be very athletic — when I’m out of the game.”

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