Dirk Nowitzki May Play for Germany This Summer

by March 21, 2011

Dirk’s decision will hinge largely on how long it takes for the looming lockout to come to an end. ESPN reports: “If labor strife produces an expected lockout and possibly eats into next season, Nowitzki reiterated Sunday night his desire to return to the German national team as it attempts to qualify this summer for the 2012 Olympics in London. Nowitzki, however, said there is one scenario that could keep him from his joining his countrymen — lockout or no. ‘That all depends on how this season plays out,’ Nowitzki said. ‘If we have a long run to June, I might not. Everything’s kind of up in the air with the lockout.’ Nowitzki led the German team to the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing and was his country’s flag bearer during opening ceremonies. It is a moment that Nowitzki has said he will never forget. Earlier this season, Nowitzki said the current German team is filled with young players whom he would like to help realize their Olympic dreams. Nowitzki will turn 33 in June and he has said that 2012 would probably be his last shot at playing in the Olympics. ‘If we’re locked out, I might play this summer,’ he said. ‘We have a qualification coming up for the Olympics again. The Olympics for me in Beijing were so much fun. They were a blast. I’d love to go to London, but we have to qualify for it first. We have that this summer; if we’re locked out and I know it’s going to be a little longer and I don’t have anything going anyway, I might as well stay in shape and play.'”