Dirk Nowitzki Thinks Deron Williams is 50-50 Between Dallas and Brooklyn

Dallas or Brooklyn? Brooklyn or Dallas? At this point, it seems to be one or the other for Deron Williams, with neither side having a clear-cut advantage. According to the NY Post, Dirk Nowitzki agrees: “Deron Williams is expected to either re-sign with the Nets or sign with his hometown Mavericks once the NBA’s free-agency period begins at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow. But if Dallas star Dirk Nowitzki knows which way Williams is leaning, he’s not letting on. ‘I still think it’s 50-50,’ Nowitzki said yesterday in an appearance on ESPN Radio in Dallas. ‘I just don’t know.’ If Williams decides to spurn the Nets and return to his hometown, he will pair with Nowitzki to give Dallas one of the best inside-out combinations in the league. But with Nowitzki having led Dallas to its first championship in 2011 and having spent his whole career there, Williams would be joining Nowitzki’s team if he heads to the Mavericks, as opposed to being the face of a franchise moving into the brand-new Barclays Center if he remains a Net. ‘Both organizations are great and have great owners that have money and the resources to really build something,’ Nowitzki said. ‘[Mavericks owner Mark] Cuban has shown it here, so, yeah, it’s tough. I don’t really think we need to recruit him or anything. He knows what he’s got here. There’s a great owner, great organization, great fans. ‘It’s just a matter of does he want to come home and be close to home or does he rather want to make the move to New York and get probably more endorsement deals and stuff like that? I think if that’s on his mind it’s definitely better in New York.'”