Dirk Nowitzki Forgave Lamar Odom for Playoff Incident

by December 16, 2011

Lamar Odom and Dirk Nowitzki had no choice but wipe the slate clean once they (shockingly) became teammates. From ESPN: “In his last game as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, Lamar Odom exited early as a result of being ejected for a forearm shiver delivered to Dirk Nowitzki out of frustration long after the figurative brooms had been busted out in their Western Conference semifinal series. The Dallas Mavericks’ superstar is more than willing to sweep that moment under the rug for Odom, his new teammate. Nowitzki, who went on to be named Finals MVP as the Mavericks won their first world championship, has never been one to hold a grudge. Soon after Odom’s arrival in Dallas, Nowitzki was joking with his new teammate about that tense incident, which Odom publicly apologized for immediately after the game. ‘I think he has forgiven me,’ Odom said with a smile. ‘Hopefully, I can make up for it.’ Meanwhile, Odom is eyeing the Mavericks’ first matchup against the Lakers, which will take place in a nationally televised game at Los Angeles on Jan. 16.”