Disciplining Beasley and Chalmers

This past season, a lot of the Heat front-office personnel’s time was seemingly dedicated to little more than this very task: “Beasley said the steady stream of violation notices was an eye-opener. ‘You’re upset at first,’ the No. 2 overall pick in last June’s draft said, ‘but then you think, ‘All right,’ and then you remember. But it is what it is.’ The Heat has one of the most detailed team rulebooks in the NBA. ‘Coming from college,’ Beasley said, ‘there’s not as many rules and not as strict, so I think it’s learning to adjust to a better life or more responsible life.’ Management was surprised that Chalmers also had a high number of violations. ‘We’re just first-year players. We’re just learning the ropes,” the second-round pick said. ‘Some things we didn’t know; some things we did know. At the same time, it’s a learning process. So you learn and you learn about your mistakes and you don’t do them again.’ The fines against Beasley had become widely known around the league. Erik Spoelstra, though, downplayed the impact on the Heat’s performance.”