Do Not Make LeBron James Angry

by February 04, 2011

You won’t like it when he’s angry, as the Orlando Magic learned in painful fashion last night. From Fox Sports: “On a night when LeBron James turned his animosity toward the Magic into 51 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists, the Heat stepped onto Orlando’s home court and offered a clearer picture of how their two Dec. 9 trades impacted the balance of power in the Eastern Conference … Orlando mocked him in the summertime. Howard took to mocking his chalk throw pregame. The King is not amused. ‘Is it flattering?’ LeBron asked, grimacing. ‘No. It’s not flattering.’ Indeed, LeBron’s temper was still flaring after the Heat escaped with a 104-100 victory after being up as much as 23. It wasn’t the letdown that had him steaming. It was his feeling for the Orlando Magic. ‘Just playing this team got me going,’ he said. ‘We understand that this wasn’t any regular game. There’s a lot of things said about us in the offseason that came from this organization. So we just wanted to come here and play to our abilities and make a statement.'”