Do the Nets Have a ‘Legit’ Shot at Carmelo Anthony?

Both the NY Post and NY Daily News seem to believe New Jersey does, should Denver decide to pull the trigger on a trade of their franchise player (which, of course, they say they don’t want to do): “The Denver Nuggets yesterday officially named Masai Ujiri as their executive vice president of basketball operations. That phone ringing in the background could be Nets general manager Billy King calling. With All-Star Carmelo Anthony and his representatives having delivered a virtual ultimatum to the Nuggets about trading him, the Nets are viewed as one of the teams with the strongest chance of landing the 6-foot-8 forward. Why? ‘They have the pieces to trade and the draft picks,’ one NBA team executive said. ‘He’d play for them. Yes, I do think the Nets have a legit shot.’ Various team executives spoke on the condition of anonymity, as did several agents who did not want publicly to discuss a rival’s client. Most thrust the Nets into a very positive light and most feel Anthony is almost certainly gone from Denver. Most, not all. ‘Denver still has him under contract, and they can always wait,” one agent said. ‘They don’t have to trade him now.'”