Doc Rivers: ‘I’m a Celtic … For As Long As I’m Coaching’

by December 03, 2010

Celtics coach Doc Rivers sits down for an in-depth Q&A, discussing Rajon Rondo’s potential, Miami’s big three, and his coaching future. Here’s an excerpt of his thoughts on the Miami Heat. From “Well, it’s always been a struggle, but I think, and I’m very confident and I actually hope I’m wrong if you want me to be honest, it will work, and Erik’s going to make it work, and I have no doubt about that. I think, you know, they started out slow, no one knew how they were going to start off; I didn’t know. It just takes time, but they’re too talented. They want to make it work, and that’s where I think people have been wrong. You keep hearing the stuff, all this bickering, and didn’t want to make it work, they’ve just got to figure it out, and they will. We just hope it takes a while since I’m on the other side.”