Doc Rivers: ‘We’ll Have Ball Movement’ with Chris Paul Gone

The Los Angeles Clippers introduced their newest additions in a press conference on Tuesday, and inevitably, Chris Paul was a frequent topic of conversation.

When asked about how the Clippers’ style of play will change without Paul, coach Doc Rivers said the team will be able to incorporate more ball movement (starting at 9:38):

With Chris Paul gone, how do you envision your style of play changing?


Doc Rivers: “Well, we’ll have ball movement. That’s one of the things, for the most part, that I’ve always preached.


“With Chris’ skill, you wanted to take advantage of what he could do. He was a guy that needed the ball to make plays, and he did it so well that you kind of changed to do that.


“If you look at my work historically, it’s been more of a ball movement, cut, basketball team, and that’s what we’re going to get back to doing.”

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