Doc Rivers: Brandon Bass May Be Out ‘a While’ With Swollen Knee

by February 13, 2012

Turns out that Brandon Bass’ right knee isn’t ready for game action, which comes as a surprise to his coach Doc Rivers. From the Boston Herald: “Brandon Bass, despite swelling in his right knee, returned for three games last week after missing only one game – Feb. 5 against Memphis. It now appears the Celtics forward may have rushed himself. […] ‘The injury is a surprise,’ said the Celtics coach. ‘The knee bothered him, he got the treatment and missed one game. And then after the (Toronto) game there was nothing said. Eddie (trainer Lacerte) called me this morning and said he was out, and out for awhile. It’s his knee, I don’t know what we’re calling it,’ said Rivers. ‘It’s inflammation. Other than that I have no idea.’ … Jermaine O’Neal, who is suffering from a variety of aches including his shoulder and pain in both knees, [also missed his second straight game Sunday.] ‘No JO, shoulder, knee, age,’ said Rivers. ‘Other than that we’re good. I think he’s game to game, and Brandon is a little longer.'”