Doc Rivers: Derrick Rose Is This Year’s Best NBA Player

With the Bulls now holding on to the top spot in the Eastern Conference, Doc Rivers has hopped aboard Derrick Rose’s swelling MVP campaign. From ESPN: “Doc Rivers, who grew up in the Chicago suburb of Maywood, agreed with Austin [Rivers] and the growing consensus who believe Rose has earned the nod as the league’s best player. And although few expected the Bulls to be battling the Celtics this late in the season for the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, Rose’s development made Doc a believer. ‘I’m not that surprised [the Bulls are contending],’ Rivers said. ‘Derrick Rose is the best player this year in the NBA. I think he’ll be the MVP, and when you have the MVP on your team, you’re usually pretty good.’ Rivers also credited the coaching of Thibodeau. ‘I talked to Thibs this afternoon for a long time,’ Rivers said. ‘We’re still very close. We want to beat each other’s brains out when we play, but right after that we’re very close friends. And I respect the world out of him. He’s the hardest working guy that I ever had on my bench.'”