Doc Rivers Doesn’t Appreciate Alvin Gentry’s Trash Talk

by March 03, 2011

KG had a funny story to tell regarding him and Alvin Gentry jawing late in the game last night, but Doc Rivers wasn’t in a joking mood. From WEEI: “Celtics forward Kevin Garnett and Suns coach Alvin Gentry had words for one another in the final seconds of the C’s 115-103 victory over Phoenix on Wednesday night. Things escalated when Rajon Rondo then attempted a three-pointer with the C’s holding a 10-point lead, which led to a technical foul from Jared Dudley. ‘Alvin Gentry was asking me for tickets for the first round of the playoffs,’ Garnett said after the game. ‘I told him I’ll hook him up, so that’s what that was.’ Celtics coach Doc Rivers shared his opinion on the exchange, saying he doesn’t believe in such behavior from coaches. ‘I thought their bench, their coaches were talking,’ Rivers said, ‘which I don’t think you should ever [do] if you have a suit and tie on and and actually can’t play. I don’t think you should be doing a lot of talking to the players on the floor. It’s just my opinion.'”