Doc Rivers: ‘Either You’re on the Bandwagon or You’re Off’

The Celtics’ head coach draws a line in the sand when it comes to the team’s fandom (and media coverage), as Boston stumbles towards the postseason. From the Herald: “You’re either in or out, according to Doc Rivers. The Celtics coach, while reasserting faith in his team following last night’s 109-104 loss to Oklahoma City – the C’s second straight – put a clear boundary on the team bandwagon. ‘You don’t have to be (optimistic) because I am,’ he said. ‘I look at our team, and we played one bad night. We were playing great up until two games ago. Were you optimists three games ago? ‘Either you’re on the bandwagon or you’re off,’ Rivers continued. ‘I tell guys that all the time. That’s the way I think, and that’s how our team should think. I’m not going to spend time trying to convince you to dislike us or like us. Our team just has to keep working. ‘Should I worry about a team where you guys don’t think we can win anymore?”’