Doc Rivers: End of Lob City ‘Bugs Me’

Chris Paul‘s sudden departure to Houston signaled the end of Lob City in Los Angeles, and it’s not sitting well with Doc Rivers.

The Clippers were never able to get past the second round of the postseason under Rivers and CP3.

The Clips are focused on retaining Blake Griffin, but should he leave during free agency next month, Doc knows a complete rebuild would have to take place.


“That part is over. And that bugs me,” Rivers said. “But we’re not done trying to reach our goal. Sometimes you gotta do it a different way. Because the way we tried to do it didn’t work.”


Rivers, of course, was referring to the Clippers’ inability to advance past the second round of the playoffs during the six years Paul played for the team, four of which he was the head coach.


River pointed out the Clippers accomplished a lot during the Lob City era and had the best sustained run in franchise history. It just never won a championship, which is how a team with the star power of Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan will be judged.


“I’ve done it three times. Rebuilding is [tough],” he said. “But it’s better when you’re in the trenches. [In L.A.] I’m involved every day. I’ve thought if I’m gonna ever do that again, I’m gonna have my fingerprint on it.”