Doc Rivers ‘Expecting’ Shaquille O’Neal to Play in Game 3

by May 06, 2011

At long last, it appears that Shaq (who, apparently, is still an NBA player) will suit up for the Celtics. Or so hopes Doc Rivers, anyway. From the Boston Herald: “The injury we were really concerned with was obviously Shaq’s, and the other one was Paul,’ said Rivers, who later indicated that the big man’s role could even be limited to just a few minutes. ‘(Jermaine O’Neal) has a stiff back, Rondo has a stiff back – a lot of guys are injured. (But) I am expecting Shaq,’ said the Celtics coach. ‘He told me he was going to play, and Eddie (trainer Lacerte) thought he would play. I expect him to play, and if he didn’t it would be because something went wrong in practice, or his body didn’t respond. But I expect him. We won’t let him do too much, but how much is too much? How the hell do I know? Walking to the floor could be too much. We’ll find that out.'”