Doc Rivers Says Celtics Want to Avoid Miami in the Playoffs

by April 06, 2013

Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers is not a dumb guy, just ask him. Rivers admits that the C’s — currently 7th in the Eastern Conference standings — must do all they can to avoid a first round matchup with the defending champion Miami Heat. Per WEEI: “Not that there was much of a doubt to begin with but Doc Rivers made it very clear after Friday’s 97-91 loss to the Cavaliers (which snapped Cleveland’s 10-game losing streak) that he wants no part of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs. Thanks to the Bucks loss in New York to the Knicks Friday night, the Celtics (39-37) are two games up in the loss column on Milwaukee for seventh place in the Eastern Conference with just six games left. Does he pay attention to the standings? ‘I do but I don’t,’ Rivers said in his best hedging language. ‘I really don’t. I know we’re in the seventh spot. I know we want to stay out of the eighth spot.’ So, Rivers is actually admitting he wants avoid the Heat? ‘Of course we would,’ Rivers admitted when asked that very question. ‘But if we play them, we’ll be ready. But of course we would. Listen, I’m not that dumb. I’m not the brightest guy but come on. Really, you would love to avoid anyone [like Miami]. Listen, no matter who we play, we’re going to play a tough team. It’s going to be New York, Indiana or Miami. There’s no cakewalk for us. It’s going to be hard.'”