Doc Rivers: ‘There’s a Chance’ Jamal Crawford Won’t Return This Season

by March 22, 2015

Clippers guard Jamal Crawford has missed the last nine Clippers games while nursing a calf injury. And everyone is beginning to wonder if and when J-Crossover will make it back to the court this year.

Concern should be high, now, because head coach Doc Rivers says there’s “a chance” that Crawford won’t be back at all, including the postseason. Crawford, who celebrated his 35th birthday on Friday, is averaging 16.4 ppg this season.

From the Long Beach Press-Telegram, via Pro Basketball Talk:

“Well, I’m concerned,” he said. “I mean, make no mistake about that. I mean, I was pretty confident that Blake (Griffin) would be back at some point, so I didn’t have concern on that. But I do have concern with Jamal; I’ll say that.”


Rivers was then asked the million-dollar question: Is it possible Crawford may not return at all this season?


“There’s a chance,” said Rivers, whose team today at 12:30 p.m. plays host to the New Orleans Pelicans. “You know, I don’t know right now because he’s improved, but not enough, I can tell you that. He’s nowhere near, in my opinion, playing. So we just have to hope he gets better.”