Doc Rivers to Undergo Throat Surgery

by May 17, 2011

The Celtics’ head coach will go under the knife today, and is looking forward to the future (uncertain as it may be) in Boston. From the Herald: “Doc Rivers will have surgery today to remove a non-cancerous growth from his throat, and he won’t be able to talk for two weeks. ‘My wife will be the happiest person in the room about that,’ the Celtics coach said after arriving in Boston, now his professional home for at least another five years thanks to the $35 million contract extension he signed yesterday. It means that Rivers, who was on the verge of stepping away from the game due to serious burnout at this time last year, is willing to develop a long-term plan — a plan that may need some form of rebuilding once the Big Three breaks apart. Rivers admitted that part of his reason for re-signing was the opportunity to see the era of Paul Pierce [stats], Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen through to the end. ‘Yeah, that clearly was part of it,’ he said. ‘But a bigger part was my relationship with Danny (Ainge) and ownership. When you have something that good, you should keep it. When you have the opportunity to do things right, you should take it.'”