Dominique Wilkins Sued Over Arena Fight

by October 22, 2011

Remember that time in March when a former college and pro referee reportedly attacked Dominique Wilkins, because he (allegedly) wanted some cash that the Human Highlight Film owed him. A mugshot at the time revealed that the ref took quite a beating, and now, according to the AJC, he’s suing the former Hawks star: “The man arrested following a fight with Dominique Wilkins says he didn’t provoke or threaten the former Hawks star, who then punched him repeatedly with his fists as basketball fans watched. Wilkins then lied to security guards about the fight, saying that Rashan Michel assaulted him, according to a lawsuit filed in Friday in Fulton County state court. Michel was arrested that night, March 30, and charged with misdemeanor battery. That charge was later dropped. Wilkins was not charged. A former NBA referee turned custom clothier, Michel says Wilkins owes him $12,000 for custom suits. And when he saw Wilkins near the floor of Philips Arena, Michel approached him about the unpaid debt, according to the lawsuit, which also names the Atlanta Spirit, owner of the Hawks, as a defendant. ‘Seeing Wilkins in the stands on this particular occasion, Plaintiff (Michel) seized upon the opportunity to ask Wilkins about whether he intended to pay the debt,’ the lawsuit states. ‘Embarrassed that Plaintiff had mentioned the debt, Wilkins began arguing with Plaintiff, shouting ‘I built this house!’ and cursing Plaintiff for bringing up the matter in front of his peers.’ Witnesses told Atlanta police officers that Michel instigated the altercation. But Michel’s arrest mug shot showed Wilkins landed punches — on his face.”

(H/T: EOB)