Don Nelson Hopes Warriors Won’t Fire Him

by July 16, 2010

Nellie wants the opportunity to honor the remainder of his contract, but knows the team’s new bosses might kick him to the curb. From ESPN: “The winningest coach in NBA history doesn’t deny that his future with the Golden State Warriors is in doubt. But Don Nelson hopes to convince the Warriors’ new ownership to keep him on the bench for one more season … ‘I’d love to coach another year, but I understand that it’s a possibility [I won’t be retained]. I want to do what’s best for the organization. If I have to be a part of the change, I will understand. I’m excited about the new ownership,’ Nelson said. ‘I think this team needed that kind of change. I think we’ve made a couple good deals to improve the roster. I really love Lee and I think our locker room is getting cleaned up. We’re really moving in a good direction.'”