Don Nelson Wanted Andris Biedrins to Shoot Underhanded Free Throws

by March 22, 2011

An awesome suggestion from the great Don Nelson, which he claims is the reason he was canned by the Warriors. The SF Chronicle has the quotes: “In his most provocative comment, Nelson seemed to say he was fired primarily for asking center Andris Biedrins to shoot his free throws underhanded. Biedrins shot an NBA-worst 16 percent in 2009-10, Nelson’s final season. ‘I got fired when I asked him to (shoot underhanded),’ Nelson said, and there was no follow-up question. Nelson maintained that he had Rick Barry lined up to instruct Biedrins. That was part of Nelson’s most extensive public comments since being fired in September and his only statements since breaking his silence Feb. 3 with Ralph Barbieri and Tom Tolbert on KNBR. During Monday’s interview, he left open the possibility of coaching again and didn’t pull any punches about his career.”